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Who Are We

We are a dedicated team at, passionate about providing accessible and quality education for children aged 5 years and younger. With a focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we aim to empower children to learn and grow in a fun and engaging manner.

What Do We Do

At, our primary goal is to provide free access to educational content for young children. We understand the importance of early education and its impact on a child's development. Through our platform, we offer a wide range of resources designed to support early learning in various subjects and skills.

How We Help Children:

Learning Sections



Our alphabet section provides a comprehensive learning experience, guiding children through each letter of the alphabet with vibrant visuals. Through interactive games and exercises, children can practice letter recognition, phonics, and basic vocabulary building.



In our numbers section, children will embark on a numerical journey, exploring the world of numbers and counting. This section aims at developing a solid foundation in numerical skills.



Understanding the months of the year is an essential life skill and our website offers an engaging way to teach children about this concept. With colorful visuals and memorable mnemonics, children will grasp the order and significance of each month, enhancing their understanding.



Colours come to life in our dedicated section, where children can immerse themselves in a world of vibrant hues. Through visual aids, children will learn to identify and name colours fostering their creativity and aesthetic sense.

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Our platform is home to a treasure trove of educational videos that combine entertainment and education seamlessly. Through our captivating videos, your child will embark on exciting adventures . These videos not only educate but also ignite your child's curiosity, making learning an enjoyable experience that sparks their passion for exploration.


At AI-Nursery, we understand the power of sound in early childhood development. Our platform incorporates enchanting sounds and delightful tunes to complement the visual experience. From soothing melodies to lively sound effects, these auditory elements create an immersive and multisensory learning environment that enhances your child's engagement and comprehension.


At AI-Nursery, we believe that visual learning is key to unlocking your child's potential. Our carefully crafted visual materials, including vibrant illustrations transform complex concepts into engaging and accessible content. By immersing children in a visually stimulating environment, we create opportunities for them to explore, comprehend, and retain knowledge more effectively.

Meet Our Team

Wayne Archbold

CEO, Co-founder and Chairman

Wayne Archbold has been an entrepreneur for over 35+ years. At our education platform for kids, Wayne brings his extensive experience and expertise to create engaging and innovative leardership experiences. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Wayne has successfully launched and managed multiple businesses, always striving for excellence and making a positive impact. His deep understanding of the business landscape, combined with his unwavering commitment, allows him to envision and develop educational solutions that inspire and empower young learners.

Niza Mbao

CTO and Co-founder.

Niza has over 10 years programming experience in multiple different programming languages. Niza oversees all technology at Ai Nursery and he has developed various platforms targeting different industries and his responsibility within Ai Nursery is bringing ideas to life by using the most up to date technology. Niza is a great team player within the company and very much enjoys working alongside others. Niza is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at Ai Nursery and his experience as well as expertise ensure quality results of the finished product, of which will give end users a satisfying experience.